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About Caroline Pena

Caroline Pena, Dipl.O.M., Dipl.Ac., C.H. & ABT, (NCCAOM), L.Ac, owner of Holistic Health Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, is a licensed acupuncture physician. She is a nationally board-certified NCCAOM Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Diplomate of Acupuncture, Diplomate of Chinese Herbology, and Diplomate of Asian Bodywork Therapy.

Additionally, Caroline continued her education and received her certification in Homeopathic and Vitamin Injection Therapy from ATOM. She graduated from The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Florida with a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and received her Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University. 

Caroline is a member in good standing with Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA) and National Certifying Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Her interest in herbal medicine started when she experienced an illness that had not been healed in 10 years of receiving Western pharmaceutical drugs and care. Caroline has been healed in just three treatments of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

She became increasingly passionate about empowering and supporting a patient’s innate healing potential while recognizing the scientific healing achievements of an age-old healing system utilizing herbs and acupuncture.

She has great respect for Western medicine and science and agrees with an integrative approach to healing regarding the best treatment and needs of an individual. However, she also observes that the patient can be lost if the disease becomes the focus.

There are many ways a patient can participate in their own recovery. Herbal medicine is an exceptionally empowering healing option. It can be integrated with current Western treatments and is an opportunity to increase healing and well-being. It can also treat many syndromes on its own.

Diagnosis in her office includes looking at your tongue, taking your “Chinese” pulse, and conducting a personal interview to determine how your body is functioning and where or why the disharmony is occurring. These steps allow her to determine what meridians, organs, or other pathogenic imbalances may be occurring in the body.

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, homeopathic and vitamin injection therapy, and listening to the patient are the tools she uses to promote balance and help your body regain optimal health.

Caroline believes that the most important aspect of each session in her office is listening to the patient. Through the art of listening, there can be a much better diagnosis and treatment approach. She believes that patients feeling heard is a part of the healing process.

Whether you’re dealing with the common cold, everyday stress, or acute or chronic issues, know that she can help through this 3,000-year-old wisdom and new-age discovery techniques that are now also being applied in the holistic healing world. 


About Our Company

Holistic Health Palm Beach, Inc is a family-owned company that is operated right here in Palm Beach County. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve treated every client like they were a part of our family. Our goal is to help you achieve your best health through an integrative approach to medicine.

Partner Insurers

We are out of network providers with all insurance companies. 

While we do not bill insurance, we gladly supply the proper documentation, a Superbill, that is required for you to submit your treatment for possible reimbursement from your insurance.  

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