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Herbal Medicine and Vitamin Injection Therapy as your Holistic Health Approach

Herbal Medicine and

Vitamin Therapy

Holistic Health Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida utilizes herbal medicine in our treatments. Learn more about the benefits of herbal medicine and vitamin injection therapy on this page.


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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine uses plants, minerals, and natural substances for medicinal purposes. Ideally, the natural form of the element being prescribed is kept close to its natural form and is prepared with the utmost care. Formulas are usually much safer than taking just one single herb, as a formula is carefully prescribed with its components working with and directing one another to its highest healing potential.

It is evident with records dating back to 3,000-5,000 years ago that herbal medicine is the world’s oldest form of prescriptive healing. A great majority of this ancient knowledge is still used today and has been passed down from generation to generation so successfully that it is now recognized and accepted as a licensed profession, as well as being accepted as a form of primary care in some states.

Over a quarter of all prescription drugs in the Western medicine world are derived from plants. Aspirin is a good example, as the main ingredient is willow bark. The active ingredient is salicin, and some people are using willow bark as a health alternative to aspirin.

Today, people are seeking a more natural approach to medicine, so much so that there can be no more “shoving the concept under the rug” as thousands of patients a year are reporting excellent results in their health status. Many of our patients are reporting better health and less need for Western medical intervention.

Herbal medicine, as practiced for centuries and as viewed in our practice, is meant to treat the underlying “root” causes of illness rather than attempting to mask the symptoms to create a “sense” of daily relief.

If the cause of the disease, imbalance, and pathology in the body is not addressed and treated, then the patient may feel better but will certainly always deal with their ailment. When looking into the patients’ symptoms, we are interested in addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the cause of the disease the patient is reporting.

We are board-certified herbalists and take prescription of herbal medicine very seriously. Individualization for each client is key, taking into consideration any current pharmaceutical drugs the patient may be on.  


Vitamin Injection Therapy

AIT (Acupuncture Injection Therapy) also known as biopuncture, is an integrative therapy that only AIT-certified acupuncture physicians can practice. Natural vitamin therapy substances, such as B-12, are injected into specific acupuncture points in the body.


AIT has shown as very effective for the treatment of acute or chronic pain in the body, particularly in joint areas such as the shoulder, back, knees, and neck.


We also use AIT utilizing B-12 in cases where the patient may be experiencing migraines, low energy, digestive issues, poor memory, pernicious anemia, IBS, nerve damage, and more. Remedies are designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability, rather than focusing on suppressing the symptoms.


Injection therapy is an effective way to regulate inflammation, reduce pain, and increase range of motion in the muscles and joints. In order to apply and utilize AIT as a therapy, licensed acupuncture physicians must complete an additional 60 hours of didactic and clinical training beyond their traditional education.


Florida Code: 64B1-4.012 Acupoint Injection Therapies. Effective March 1, 2002, adjunctive therapies shall include acupoint injection therapy which shall mean the injection of herbs, homeopathics, and other nutritional supplements in the form of sterile substances into acupuncture points by means of hypodermic needles but not intravenous therapy to promote, maintain, and restore health; for pain management and palliative care; for acupuncture anesthesia; and to prevent disease. 

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