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Eastern and Western Medicine

in Harmony

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, reach out to us

at Holistic Health Palm Beach in Wellington

Eastern and Western Medicine in Harmony

Most people think that when you seek treatment from Western medicine, you don’t have to receive holistic medicine and vice versa. At Holistic Health Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, we believe otherwise.

Plumb Talk Productions

 Talk Show with Caroline Pena,

Acupuncture Physician, Dipl.OM.

Click the image to the left, or CLICK HERE, to watch Caroline Pena, L.Ac., and Dr. Shelley Plumb, discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine

Plumb Talk Productions

PlumbTalk is a full-service production company. Our team has been creating, writing, and producing our own programs for years and now we are proud to extend these valuable services to you. 

CLICK HERE to learn more.

What is The Kindness Project Worldwide?

Ready to Rock! The Kindness Project Worldwide is a reality video series produced by PlumbTalk Productions featuring Caroline Peña, Acupuncture Physician and Herbalist, and Dr. Shelley Plumb. Listen as Caroline and Shelley describe their aspirations for the project and what is on their exciting agenda! #kindnessprojectworldwide See Less

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Articles and Cover Stories by Holistic Health Palm Beach, Caroline Pena, L.Ac, Dipl.OM

Click here BANZAI WELLNESS magazine features Holistic Heath Palm Beach, Caroline Pena on the cover.  Read published articles by Caroline regarding holistic medicine and it's integration into the western medical world!


Magazine Cover Feature

Where Eastern and Western Medicine Meet

Banzai Wellness Magazine 


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